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Hello, and welcome to the web-home of the Hototogisu Bakery and Farm. Located in Okayama, our bakery and farm is a small group of families working together to provide nourishing, wholesome, and above all, delicious food to our community.

Our bakery and farm are tucked away in the corner of a now quiet, once actively agricultural little valley. Here we grow our crops (many of them destined to be part of the bread that comes out of the bakery) without the use of pesticides and with an eye to the health of our surroundings.

Our breads are handcrafted using real food ingredients. No artificial flavors or colorings, no preservatives - in short, nothing that isn`t a real food! And good food, too, with our own seasonal vegetables and whole wheat going into our bread.

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To read more about recent events at Hototogisu Bakery and Farm, and the road that led us here, visit Sara`s blog.

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